Brecilian Forest East Brecilian Forest Party Camp Soldier's Peak (DLC only) DenerimArl of Redcliffe's Estate The Pearl Denerim Alienage Fort Drakon Frostback Mountains Orzammar Lake Calenhad Docks Circle Tower Redcliffe Castle Redcliffe Village Lothering Brecilian Outskirts Flemeth's Hut Ostagar Village of Haven Honnleath (DLC only) Redcliffe Dungeons Korcari Wilds Kadan-Fe Hideout Ruined Temple The Dragon's Lair Ortan Thaig Caridin's Cross OrlaisAeducan Thaig The Dead Trenches Civil War Battlefield Refugees Caravan Dalish Camp West Brecilian Forest Werewolf Lair The Elven Tombs Brecilian Ruins Denerim Palace Map - World
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